Barford Top now offers Painting Workshops and Photography Workshops.


Jayne Good is a certified Bob Ross instructor and has been teaching this fantastic technique for 15 years.   She runs workshops for groups and individuals passing on this fun and quick way to paint , there is no need to draw, anyone can do it, there is lots of dobbing, dabbing and swirling of the brush, no mistakes only happy accidents.


Bob Ross can be found online with his many episodes of the TV programme "The Joy of Painting", have a look and see how easy it is!​

Friday 21 June 

12.30 - 3pm


Friday 2 August

12.30 - 3pm


With Bob Ross

Instructor Jayne Good


The cost is £40 which includes canvas, paints, brushes and tuition and tea and cake.


It is open to everyone and even if you have never painted before it is a  fun experience.

To book your place now

Contact: Wendy on


"Just wanted to say we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Barford Top.  Your campsite is in a lovely area and we loved watching the sunsets.  We walked to Foxton Locks which made a lovely way of arriving at a quite spectacular site, spent sometime watching the boats up and down the locks.

The painting shop with Jayne was quite an eye opener, never thought we could produce such wonderful works of art.  Jayne is a brilliant teacher and to think we only had to walk across your campsite to take part.  It was enjoyable and a different way to spend an afternoon whilst on holiday."

​Christine and Stephen


Beginners Course 

Saturday 8 June 

Saturday 22 June

Saturday 13 July

The cost is £125.00

(includes lunch, tea and cake)



10.00 -10.15


12.30 - 1.30

Tea break

3.00 - 3.15




This course is designed around the use of BRIDGE or SLR cameras.

(Digital SLR cameras can be supplied for £15 per day or you are welcome to bring your own)


Frustrated with not getting the best from your camera?

Come along and discover the purpose of your camera's various modes and when its best to use them


This course includes:-

  •       Mastering the use of depth of field, isolate the subject.

  •       Understanding apertures and best use of shutter speeds.

  •       Obtaining sharper, clearer images, focusing methods.

  •       The correct use of colour space, setting the cameras colour temperature.

  •       Learning the appropriate use of file size/tags, control of image quality.

  •       Gaining a greater knowledge of lens' their purpose and effects.

  •       Becoming more creative with your photography.

  •       Equipment costs , what to buy and what to avoid.

  •       Basic post production techniques.

  •       Getting control and being inspired.

The skills you will learn can be applied and used effectively in all photographic interests including

Portraiture, Nature (wildlife), products, Weddings, both indoors or outdoors. 


To book your place now


Contact: Wendy on


The course is lead by Kye Elliott (FDA/BA hon) a professional photographer of 28 years.

Kye has worked in both commercial and social photography covering high end advertising, fashion, F1 sport, aerial photography,

weddings, portraiture, as well as analogue restoration projects for the Worlds biggest image libraries.

Kye now tutors students at Leicester College and De Montfort University.

Often we purchase a new camera and never fully make use of its capability, ending in disappointing results.

Too often the various modes and settings on our cameras appear complicated and confusing taking he  joy out of photography, 

and leaving us avoiding anything beyond the fully Auto setting. By understanding the basic modes and functions as well

as their purpose we can begin to create the effects we desire.

This Photography course is designed for beginners who have perhaps already purchased a new bridge or SLR camera

or are considering doing so and who wish to improve their photography by obtaining greater understanding of how professional

photographers work with their camera in order to reach the levels of image making they desire.

Choice of lens, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and composition must all be considered and these factors alongside others are explained simply and effectively so greater control and creativity is achieved. The course involves a healthy mix of technical and practical lead tutoring

designed to be made easy . Set in a beautiful countryside location this one day course is intended to be friendly, fun, and interactive.

The skills you will learn can be applied and used effectively in all photographic interests inc.

Portraiture, Nature (wildlife), products, Weddings, both indoors or outdoors. 

To book your place now- Contact Wendy on 0116 2404691 or 07971304536