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(To start choose the unit you have from the key below, for instance C is for caravan,  so a pitch might have CME on it,

so that pitch is suitable for either a caravan or a motorhome and E means it has the option of Electric

 make sure if you want electric that you choose a pitch  with an E  and pay for it in Extras)


                        C - caravan   -  standard size  (twin axle accepted)

                        M - motorhome   -  Upto 7.5 long

                        T - tent  -   Upto 5m x 3m

                        (If your tent is larger you will be asked to  take it down. No refunds will be given)

                         TT - Trailer tent   -   standard size

                         CV - small campervan   -   Upto 3.5m long (i.e. approx VW size)

                          H - hardstanding

                          E - electric

                          Wild Camp - No electric and bottom of hill

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